House Regulations

To ensure the safety and comfort of all guests, we have established the following regulations governing the use of our facilities. In accordance with Article 9 of the Terms and Conditions for Accommodation Contracts published by Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
As stipulated in Article 4 of those Terms and Conditions, failure to observe these regulations and policies may oblige us to refuse permission for your continued occupancy of a guestroom, or for use of our other facilities. Kindly note that guests may also be liable for damages caused to the hotel and its property by non-observance of these regulations. 

About the Facilities

  1. The Front Desk is open from 9:00 to 22:00. The guest is entitled to occupy the contracted room of the hotel until 11:00a.m. the next morning.
  2. No gambling or engaging in indecorous behavior is allowed on the hotel premises.
  3. Use of the hotel’s spaces for commercial activities or purposes other than lodging is not allowed.
  4. Distribution of advertising or publicity materials and the sale of goods to other guests are not permitted.
  5. Do not display any articles or items in the window in such a way as to affect the appearance of the hotel.
  6. Guests under the age of 20 are not permitted to stay at the hotel without the express consent of their guardian.
  7. No gift to the stuff is permitted.

About the room

  1. Be sure to lock the door when leaving your room. The loss of room keys incurs the full cost necessary for the lock change (10,000 yen).
  2. Unregistered individuals are not permitted to use the room or meet the guests.
  3. Visitors are not permitted in guestrooms.
  4. Please store cash, jewelry, or other valuables in the personal safe provided free of charge in your room, or deposit your articles at the Front Desk.
  5. Be sure to take your room key with you when you go out during your stay.

Common Area

  1. Please check the evacuation map and emergency exists on each other.
  2. Please refrain from entering or using the emergency facilities except at the time of emergency or unavoidable circumstances.
  3. Do not leave your belongings in public spaces.

Sanitation Management

  1. 1. There may be times when the Hotel will ask you to refrain from using the Hotel facilities or from staying at the Hotel or to restrict the areas in the Hotel where you may go if you fall under any of the following.
    (a) If you are suspected of having food poisoning such as norovirus infection ; or
    (b) If you are suspected of having infectious diseases and medical care for patients suffering from infectious diseases and its enforcement ordinance.

Photographs and Films

  1. Use of photographs or film taken at the hotel for commercial purposes without prior approval of the management is unlawful.
  2. Please refrain any filming or which may bother other guests or which other guests feel unpleasant.

Care for Other Guests

  1. Do not bring animals without our permission.
  2. Any acts or behavior likely to disturb or cause offense to other guests, such as shouting or setting the TV volume control too high, is prohibited.
  3. Please dress appropriately when using other facilities.
  4. Please refrain from exposing any type of attitudes which might intimidate other guests.

Members Thereof and Concerns about Violation of Public Order

The following groups and/or individuals may not use the hotel. Similarly, if it becomes clear that a gest(s) is in fact such member or group, we will refuse the use of the hotel at that point. We will refuse future use also.

  1. If conduct such as violence or intimidation is found.
  2. If weapons and illegal drugs are found.
  3. If guests bring anything that may disturb other guests.
  4. Anti-social groups and/or members thereof (crime groups, radical action, groups or members thereof).
  5. In cases where those using the hotel find it difficult to maintain their own safety, such as loss of self or if there is concern about posing a danger to or inflicting fear or worries on other guests.
  6. If illegal activities or disturbing activities are found.

Protection of Building, Facilities

  1. Guests many not rearrange or move furniture and fixtures from their set position or use them in a manner other than that for which they were designed.
  2. Do not bring explosives or inflammables such as gun powder or gasoline, etc.
  3. Please do not engage in any act which may cause fire inside the hotel premises.
  4. Please do not bring into the hotel any gasoline or flammable item
  5. Guests will be held fully liable for any damages or loss they have caused, either consciously or otherwise, to hotel property.

Personal Items and Lost Items

  1. Please store valuables in the personal safe in your room.
  2. Laundry items or other belongings left behind will be held for a while after your departure date.
  3. Guests will be held fully liable for any loss they have caused.


  1. There may be cases where the hotel will require the guests to make a deposit or will check your credit card before your use of hotel.
  2. The hotel will not temporarily pay on the guests’ behalf any payments which arose outside of the hotel such as taxi fare.
  3. If you wish to pay all the fees for the hotel in lump sum at the time of check-out, please bring anything from which the hotel can check your room number such as room key.
  4. If the hotel requests you to make any payment during your stay, please make the payment at the time.
  5. The hotel only accepts payment in cash (Japanese yen), by any credit cards accepted by the hotel, or by any other payment methods accepted by the hotel.

Please contact the reception if you wish to change your reserved accommodation plan. If you wish to extend the number of nights for which you plan to stay, the hotel will ask you to enter into a new accommodation contract and to make payment of fees accrued until then.


Smoking is not permitted in the hotel including inside the guestrooms. Please refrain from smoking except in designated areas.

Shared Facilities

  1. BBQ equipment is available from 6:00 to 21:00.
  2. Rooftop is open for 24 hours.
  3. Warm water shower is available for 24 hours.

Warm Water Shower

  1. Warm Water Shower is in the parking lot.
  2. Brush the sand off in the shower before going into the hotel.

Parking Lot

  1. The parking lot is only available for the guests.
  2. Please drive slowly inside the parking lot.
  3. Turn off the engine when leaving the vehicle.
  4. Do not leave children in inside the car for a long time.
  5. Make sure to lock the key when leaving the vehicle.
  6. The hotel assumes no liability for the theft, loss, or damage to vehicles accessories, or items within the vehicles for parking lots that are not under its management.
  7. The hotel assumes no liability for the troubles occurred between guests.
  8. If you leave a vehicle unattended for more than 10 days, the hotel will report to the police.

July 30 2018.