About Reservation

How many people can stay in a single cabin?
One cabin can hold up to 2-3 adults and 1-2 children (age of 12 and under).
*Extra bed available for another adult (3,300 yen).
How many beds can we use?
2 semi-double beds per room. Extra bed is available for extra guests (3,300 yen per bed)
Can we choose which cabin we can stay at?
Unfortunately, no. We automatically make room assignments.
Can we stay without a reservation?
It depends on the situation. Contact us for a vacancy.
Can we cancel or reschedule the date on the day?
Unfortunately, there will be a fee if you cancel on the day.
How much is cancellation fee?
Upon cancellation of a reservation, the customer will be charged a certain percentage of the total price of accommodation listed below.
・If the reservation is canceled on the intended check-in day : 100%
・If the reservation is canceled 1-6 day before the intended check-in day : 50%
・If the reservation is canceled more than 7 days before the intended check-in day : 30%
・If no notice of cancellation is received : 100%
We might be late for check-in. Can we have late dinner?
We will do as much as we can. But we might not be able to live up to your expectations.
Can I book the entire accommodations?
Yes. Please contact us directly.
Can anybody stay at TENT?
This facility is entitled not to accept guests under the following circumstances:
・When a guest who is planning to stay at this facility is recognized as a member of crime groups or anti-social forces.
・When a guest who is planning to stay at this facility has intimidating tattoo.

About payment

Can I pay by credit card?
Yes. You can pay by VISA card and master card and JCB,AMEX,DinersClub,DISCOVER.

About arrival and departure

Can you pick us up at the closest station?
Currently, there is no transfer service for new coronavirus infection spread.
What time is check-in and check-out?
Check-in time is from 15:00, check-out time is by 10:00. An overdue fee will be added after check-out time (3,000 yen per hour till13:00).
Can we use the facilities before checking-in and after checking-out?
Unfortunately you may not use the facilities except for parking lot and luggage storage.

About cabins

Is there a TV inside the cabins?
Unfortunately no.
Is Wi-Fi available?

About facilities

Is there bathroom inside the cabins?
Can I smoke?
No. Smoking is not allowed inside the whole facility.
Can I go out at night?
Yes. It is pretty dark outside but you can go out at any time.
Can I play with fireworks?
Yes. Only small fireworks are allowed.
Is the stuff always at the facility?
Yes. We are at the central station for 24 hours in case of emergency.
Until what time can we use the shared facilities?
Until 21:30.
Can we borrow a bicycle and a surfboard?
Yes. Frist come, first served.
Is there a shop around?
Yes. It takes about 7 minutes to a grocery store on foot.
Q. Can we borrow loungewear?
No. We are afraid we don’t have loungewear for the guests.

About food

What time is dinner time?
Dinner time starts from either 18:00 or 19:00.
Q. Can we select menu?
Unfortunately no.
I am allergic.
Let us know what kind of food you are allergic to beforehand.
What do we have for breakfast?
Bread, eggs, bacon, ham, milk etc. Guests are supposed to cook by themselves.


Can we bring drink from outside?
Can we bring food from outside?
Yes. But the kitchen is not equipped.
Can we bring gas and lantern?
No. Fire-related items are not allowed.
Can we bring a tent and a tarp?
Unfortunately no.

About pets

Can I stay with my pets?
No, you can’t stay with your pets.